Are Omnivore Men More Manly than Vegans?

What is the best characteristic of a man?  Respect for women?  Confidence?  Responsible use of power?  Patience and understanding toward others?  Kindness toward children and animals?  A sense of charm and humor in stressful situations?  Or just raw testosterone?

My personal experience leads me to believe that vegan men are superior with regard to all of these characteristics, but I only know how to measure the latter:  testosterone.

As a 51 year old omnivore, my testosterone was a mere 269 ng/dl, which is below normal for any man of any age.  This is a scan of my blood test results from October, 2010:

test oct 2010

As a 53 year old vegan, my testosterone recently tested at 1111 ng/dl, which is at the high end of the range for an 18 year old.  This is a scan of my blood test results from December, 2012:

test dec 2012

Men, do you know what it feels like to have 1100 testosterone?  The best answer I can describe is, “like Superman”.  Not only does high testosterone make you feel the way you think it will make you feel regarding the first thing that came to your mind when I asked this question, but it also promotes reduced fat, increased muscle mass, and increased athletic performance.

Much of what is published on the Internet about testosterone suggests that it is normal for levels to decline with age – but that suggestion appears to mostly be made by companies selling services and supplements that are intended to boost testosterone levels.

And the suggestion is a false logical premise.  According to recent research, testosterone doesn’t necessarily decline based on age, it declines based on declining health and other factors relating to diet and behavior, see, e.g.

Also an unnecessary cause for concern is that higher testosterone levels promote prostate cancer.  The opposite is true for men eating a vegan diet: .  Also see (vegans have higher testosterone and lower cancer rates than vegetarians even).

So using testosterone as a measure of masculinity, real men eat plants.




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